Summer 2012

If you are spending this summer in one of my classes? Gosh, I’m sorry. I know you’d rather be at the beach… if Ohio had a beach… but we’ll make the best of it and you’ll end the summer with a few more credits under your belt – which beats a tan any day of the week.

I’ll be posting some dates and times for speakers in my HDFS 5440 (previously HDFS 370) course for any past students who would like to come on by – or send their friends. This quarter, we’ll be joined by Tara McKenzie Allison and the PolyColumbus Panel once again. We’ll also welcome two new speakers… Sir Poshia from The Chamber (a member of the Columbus Kink scene for more than 22 years) and Goddessy (a poetess who will delight you and force you to think outside the box).

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