Class Cancellation Today – HDFS 5440

Class (HDFS 5440)  will not be held today – I will email this message to all students from Carmen, post it to Carmen news, and place the information on my blog and twitter feed.

As the trains are still burning and they reportedly contained plastics, etc, I will not place myself or any of you in danger. The fact that our classroom nearly always requires open windows- means it is impossible to guarantee healthy conditions, in my opinion. OSU is open… This is my personal decision as your instructor. Please be careful, and be aware that COTA is running  on a modified schedule and there are numerous road closing near campus. I will follow up with information about how we will make up our material – and remember… we have POLYCOLUMBUS coming on Monday!

If you are unaware of the situation unfolding, please visit the following sites for more information:

OSU IS STILL OPEN (at time of this posting)

COTA (limited service)


Anita Parker
Department of Human Development

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