Speaker: Goddessy, Artist and Activist (October 24, 2012 @ 2:45 pm)

Goddessy will be visiting my HDFS 5440 classroom on The Ohio State University Main Campus (Orton Hall, Room 0110) on October 24, 2012, from 2:45-4:00 pm.

This is an extra credit opportunity for students enrolled in my other classes this semester who are not also enrolled in 5440 this semester. If you are not currently enrolled in my HDFS 5440 class and you’d like to attend, be prepared to sit on the floor, the windowsill, or to stand!

Long active in the arts & women’s community, Goddessy will share her story of empowerment and encourage students to challenge societal norms as well as internalized scripts of hate. She is a wickedly sensual, predominately dominant, polyamorous, queer femme; in an open relationship with her beautiful partner of 20 years and delicious lover of 3 years. Goddessy is a passionate visual, spoken word and performance artist~whether whispering into your ear or screaming across the stage, she delights in awakening the sacred sexuality deep inside each of us.

Goddessy’s bio (above) was borrowed, in part, from her bio on the 2012 Power Exchange Summit website.
Photo is from a Burlesque Performance

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