so… what if it snows?

Student upload to

Yup, we have a storm a’comin and students are already pondering the implications for class.

Here’s the quick and dirty “Anita Parker” statement on class and weather.

1. If OSU is closed, there is no class (I hate to state the obvious)

2. If weather is preventing me from safely getting to campus and I cancel class? there is no class, but you get attendance points. OSU hates to close, seriously, so there have been some times when I’ve made the executive decision to cancel my class. If that happens, I will post to Carmen, tweet it, and send the message to your email (attached to Carmen).

3. If weather prevents you from safely getting to campus but class is still in session? That’s a choice you make and I respect that. Do some extra credit and let it go. I never expect you to take risks with your safety in order to secure a seat in my class, but I have no way of policing all of the streets to know if your fear is legitimate. So, do extra credit.

4. IF YOU LIVE IN A COUNTY often plagued by issues with hazardous road conditions, familiarize yourself with the official OSU policy on level three snow emergencies. You can find it in the weather closing policy here. You should be prepared to provide proof per University Policy.

Let’s all be safe.


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