Welcome to the Spring 2013 Semester

tard the catIt’s hard to believe that the new semester starts on Monday. Wow.

If you are a student who is enrolled in one of my Spring13 classes? Hello! I’ll be seeing you very soon.

If you are wait-listed for one of my classes, I recommend that you come on day one. That way, you won’t miss any information and you will demonstrate your real desire to be IN the class. Available chairs limit our class sizes, but I do try to help students get in when possible.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions… just to get us all on the same track:

  • What should I call the teacher?  Most students call me Anita. If the idea of calling me “Anita” wigs you out, you can call me something else… within reason, of course.
  • Do students need a book? Yes, you do (except HDFS 5440 students who find all their readings on Carmen… lucky stiffs).
  • But, which books do I need? Get thee to the bookstore… they’ll tell you… or go online to find the list.
  • What is Anita’s attendance policy? Glad you asked… I expect you to come to class. I expect you to come to every class. If you don’t come to class, you don’t get attendance points. Crazy, eh?
  • But… but… nobody actually attends every class! Well, actually, some people do attend every single class, but if you can’t… do some extra credit.
  • I heard that you have weird guest speakers in your Human Sexuality Class. Is that true? If by weird, you mean phenomenal, unusual, and/or candid, then yes… I invite these sorts of folks to speak to my class. You’ll survive the experience and you may even grow from it, but I guarantee you will develop an appreciation for the diversity of human experience as a result of their visits.
  • What do we do for day one of class? Come to class. If you have any paperwork for me (add forms, ODS forms, etc) please bring them with you. You do not need to read anything for our first class or our second class.  You will need to complete an online anonymous survey in Carmen though, and I’ll tell you all about it in our first class meeting.

That covers the basics. I look forward to meeting you all and hope you are enjoying a fun (and safe?) weekend.


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