Star House Drive (Deadline March 8th)

An open letter to my students,
This is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of someone who has not been as fortunate as you. Some of you have dealt with homelessness in your lifetime, but most have not. I received the following email and wanted to be certain that all of you received it. This isn’t about extra credit or even about our classes, this is about a real need in your community. Please consider bringing in something (even just a tube of toothpaste or some hair care products if that’s all you can pick up) . See below for dropoff location in Campbell Hall. If you are interested in Star House, visit their site and/or view the short video at the end of this post.
Dear Students,
As you may know, our very own Natasha Slesnick is the Director of the Star House, which provides a safe place for homeless youth ages 14-24. Here, youth are provided with basic needs and social resources such as education, employment, healthcase, and housing services in the local community. More importantly, the Star House provides these youth with hope, care, and support during their time of need.
As part of an effort to forge an ongoing service commitment to the Star House, the GSO would like to invite you to bring the items listed below to 135 Campbell Hall THIS WEEK. We will wrap up the donation drive on Friday, March 8th and will deliver the items shortly thereafter.
Donation Ideas:
student clothing,food,bus passes,socks,underwear,toiletries,coats,back packs,sleeping bags, movie tickets ,MP3 players, etc

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