Welcome to Summer 2014

Neil Avenue Garage Rail (Photo by Anita Parker, Spring 2014)
Neil Avenue Garage Rail (Photo by Anita Parker, Spring 2014)

For those of you who are lucky (smirk) enough to spend part of your summer with me… Welcome.

Summer Sessions are often difficult for students to manage. An entire semester is compressed into a short period of time. It is important for you to stay focused and to remember that you are getting full credit for these courses and they deserve the same amount of time and effort that you give to a regular Autumn or Spring course. Plan According, please. These summer sessions move rapidly.

In the MayMester, I will be teaching HDFS 2367 (in Baker – Room 120) and we’ll examine the issue surrounding work and family balance. Can you have it all? Do you even want it all? What struggles do people face when they juggle the responsibilities they have to their employers and to their families? What about their significant others? Do those interpersonal relationships suffer as a result? Since this is a writing level two course, there is writing, but it is largely painless… I promise.

Following the MayMester,  I will be teaching HDFS 5440. This is a writing level three course that involves conducting research about topics related to sexuality and the responses people have to taboo sexual topics. We engage with speakers who come to share their personal stories with non-normative practices related to sex and relationships. This class is challenging for some students due to content but one of my favorite classes to teach.

For all of my courses (and especially 5440), attendance is critical to success and is mandatory. If you aren’t a student who shows up for classes, I respectfully suggest that you back slowly away and drop my course now. 

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