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Speaker: Tara McBride (Today, on the OSU Campus)

Attorney Tara McKenzie Allison

Attorney Tara McBride

Yes, for previous students… this is the same Tara (she got married!) 

In lieu of cards, flowers, or housewares… I think she’d be happy with a nice set of matching motorcycles (wink). All joking aside…

Tara McBride will be visiting my HDFS 5440 classroom on The Ohio State University Main Campus (Campbell Hall, Room 143) today, Thursday, June 26, 2014 from 10:30 to 11:55 am. Tara is a local attorney who graciously offers her time to my students. Active in the local LGBT community, Tara is a tireless activist supporting equal rights for all people. Her brief presentation is followed by an informative Question&Answer period. Previous students have described her visit as life changing… and that echoes my sentiments.  She is amazing. If you are in another instructor’s 5440 or you’ve taken it with me previously… YES, you may come. We have ample room in this venue for guests as well.

More about Tara:  In 1987, Tara received her undergraduate degree in Marine Engineering, from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Following graduation, she served as a Commissioned Officer in the US Navy. After being honorably discharged, Tara worked as a nuclear engineer for over a decade. She is a licensed Professional Engineer. In 1999, she partially completed a MBA degree, at the College of William and Mary, before relocating to Columbus. In 2005, Tara graduated from Capital University Law School, cum laude, passed the Ohio Bar Exam, and was admitted to the Ohio Bar. Following graduation from law school, she has served as General Counsel / Contracts Manager for a mid-sized, construction-industry company, in Lexington, KY. In 2008, she relocated back to Columbus, in order to start her own law practice. She is a member of the Columbus Bar Association and is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. She practices primarily in the areas of domestic/family law, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender law, contract law, construction law, and civil litigation. Tara is an active public speaker on LGBT-related issues; she has spoken numerous times at The Ohio State University, The Ohio State University Law School, Capital University Law School, Dennison University, Ohio Northern University, Transylvania University, Columbus Alternative High School, the King Avenue United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio, and the LGBT Subcommittee of the Columbus Bar Association. She has been a presenter at the TransOhio Annual Transgender and Ally Symposium (2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011). She has also spoken on LGBT issues at the 2010 Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference, the 2011 Equality Ohio CAUSE Conference at Columbus State Community College, before the Columbus Community Relations Commission, and the Columbus Police Academy.

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HDFS 5440 (Human Sexuality in Context) for Summer 2014

ImageHello. I am Anita.

Welcome to the summer session of HDFS 5440. If you are reading this, you likely received a link in an email. Don’t be afraid… this little blog won’t hurt a bit. The course won’t hurt, either. We are simply going to explore some topics that aren’t often discussed in college classrooms.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some of the information MOST of you want to have right now. The rest will all become crystal clear when we meet for our first class on June 17th (That’s Tuesday!)

Here you go:

  • You do not need to buy a textbook for this course. All readings will be provided to you.
  • There are quizzes. They are open “book” (open reading)
  • There are no midterms and there is no final exam.
  • Yes, you will write (It’s a level 3 writing course)
  • Attendance in this course counts for half (Yes, as in 50%) of your grade. While there is ample extra credit available, my attendance policy is strict (no, i don’t take doctors’ notes or obituaries or notes from your legal guardian).  If you are a person who is prone to absences? You should drop this course. Having said that? Most people actually enjoy attendance,  so give it a shot. It won’t kill you to come to class.
  • We are going to talk about sex. Lots and lots of talk… about lots and lots of sex. That’s why “Sexuality” is in the title of the class. We didn’t call it that just to drum up enrollment. Come with an open mind and mature sensibilities, please.

If you have paperwork from ODS, the military, or an athletic department… please bring it to class on our first day. this 7 week semester will whiz by. We don’t want to get behind on paperwork.

I will see all of you in Campbell Hall, Room 143 on Tuesday, June 17 @ 10:05 AM.

We may get out a wee bit early on the first day of class, but we WILL be doing work during day one – it’s the nature of the beast – completely necessary in a shortened semester.


Some of you may have been conceived to this song (ewwww, right?) but let’s start thinking about sex, shall we? We’ll start talking about sex (baby) next week.

Let’s talk about sex, baby (by Salt-N-Pepa)

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