Wrapping it Up… Summer 2014

su14 from the loners 5440The Summer Semester is nearly over. Many students are writing papers, independent students are finishing their research and those of us on this side of the podium are testing and grading (lots of grading).

It’s always sad for me when a class ends. This semester, I had the opportunity to teach smaller classes for a nice change of pace. As we wrapped 5440, the students in one group gifted me with a flowers and a book that is still bringing a smile to my face.  It is all at once political, controversial, thought-provoking, and amusing (though humor was hardly the author’s  intention in writing it).

Thank you all… for a wonderful (albeit short) semester. I hope you see the beauty and promise in yourself as you strive to see it in others.

 “…same DNA…”

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