Thursday, November 13, 2014 (MESSAGES for ALL STUDENTS)


Yes, Carmen is still DOA.

Until we can utilize our online system, this will have to suffice. If you are stressed out about the Carmen crash, just remember… it’s not your fault or responsibility. We – as instructors – are stressed too, but we will certainly not penalize you for the system’s failure. All work will be made up… continue to read and prepare for class, do the work you can, and we’ll figure out the rest – I promise.

Check HERE on this blog for any/all updates. That is your responsibility. Do what you can. That is my expectation of you at this point in time.

Worried about the schedule? Check out yesterday’s post that included the remaining schedules for all of my classes… along with the question prompts for extra credit in case you wish to work on that.

With any luck, Carmen will be up and running before day’s end. This was the message this morning. You can visit OIT at their status page to keep tabs, OR simply click on the NOTIFY tab that appears on that page in blue (see below) so they can include you on the “all’s well” email when they are finished.

carmen message 11 13 2014What follows is information for specific courses:

MON/WED 2367

Read as scheduled and I will see you on Monday.

TUE/THU 2367

Read as scheduled. We’ll have lecture and discussion today and you will have some time to work in groups as well.

TUE/THU 5440

In today’s class, we will be visited by the PolyColumbus Panel

They’ll talk about their organization and their individual experiences, which include blogging.

We will also be joined by a reporter from 614 Magazine who has been following the PolyColumbus folks around this past week as they hosted their annual event and monthly meeting.

We will alter our expectations for the final papers/projects as we’ve lost nearly a week of Carmen and the discussion/collaboration opportunities it provides. I will give this serious thought this weekend and we’ll pick this up on Tuesday. I’ll give thought to your abilities with other work you’ll be making up, and come up with something that allows you to enjoy the experience (and learn from it) without driving you into madness. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now… well, except for this…


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