Kosta Karageorge

635529676959800397-AP-OHIO-STATE-WRESTLING-69075774I remember Kosta. I remember his humor and kindness. I remember his willingness to help others. I remember that he worked hard and didn’t complain. He was a student among hundreds… thousands… that I’ve taught and his passing knocked the wind from me in a way that was utterly unexpected. I mourn his passing… and yet, I don’t want to talk about his lost “potential” but acknowledge rather what he WAS…. Kosta was a good man and he will be missed.

I was never focused on his athletic pursuits, though we spoke of that part of his life. I remember him as a student. I recall his love of motorcycles and him joking around before and after class. I remember that he could fill a doorway but everyone that spent time with him knew that he was a teddy bear.

There are countless words and songs and poems that come to mind at moments like this… and none of them say what I want to say…

Simply… I remember you, Kosta. I am glad that I had the chance to know you.


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