NO CLASS THURSDAY 2/12 aka Anita is still sick – but at least she has good drugs now

Hello all,

I made it onto campus today and to a class – where I didn’t need to speak and where no contact was needed between me and my students. I went straight after to the doctor’s and got fussed at something fierce. It’s either bronchitis or pneumonia – I won’t know until they read the xrays in the morning but they’ve drugged me up and either way i have been forbidden from coming back to work until after I’ve been on a zpac for at least 24 hours.

Maybe this is cool for all of you – and I hope you are happy about the free time, but I hate it – seriously – because I feel like you are being shortchanged. There’s nothing to be done about it and I won’t wrangle a sub to simply keep you occupied in a seat.

I will see you all next week and we’ll reformulate our plan of action for the rest of the semester so you get the material you need without too much added fuss. I’ll see if I can offer up some extra days in the remainder of the semester for extra office hours if you want to take advantage of that as well.


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