I have a favorite student!

Parents always say they have “no favorite” child. Teachers aren’t supposed to have “favorite students” but I do.

Yes, I have a FAVORite student.

This student sits patiently, is attentive, remains quiet and still unless called upon, and has a great energy about him.

The thing that sets him apart, though? His soft fur.

Yes, I said FUR.

I’m a sucker for a puppy.

He’s part of Freedom Paws Assistance Dogs and being trained by Lindsay Mcllwain*. She’s in one of my 2367 classes and since none of us are allergic to dogs (or phobic) he gets to come to class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

This is a first 🙂

He’s a wee bit bigger now, but still all legs and wags!

Without further ado… cue the cuteness:





*Ms. Mcllwain gave permission for the use of these photos as well as her name.


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