Speakers: BODY MODIFICATION with Nick Wolak and Dakota (Evolved Body Art & Rendezvous Hair Salon) (March 1, 2016 @ 11:10 am)

Nick Wolak and Dakota will visit my HDFS 5440 classroom on The Ohio State University Main Campus (Townshend Hall, Room 247) Today (March 1st) from from 11:10 am  to 12:30 pm. to discuss body modification and stereotypes surrounding it.

After a brief introduction by the panel, there will be an informative Question&Answer period for students.

If you wish to bring a friend, make certain to tell them that chairs are not part of the bargain. There are just enough chairs for students enrolled in the class. All others should be prepared to grab a comfortable (?) spot on the floor.

This panel is offered to students along with a reading from Steve Lenius’ “Life, Leather, and the Pursuit of Happiness” about body modification along with a 2010 Article: Body modifications, sexual activity, and religious practices which examined correlations between body modifications (tattoos and piercings), sexual activity, and religious practices and beliefs.

nickFrom his Website:

Nick Wolak is the proud parent of two amazing children – Lennox Jahi and Ayala Itzel.  He and his wonderful partner, Jennifer have dedicated their years together to balancing the endless tasks and joys of parenthood, academia, yoga/judo, body modification, meditation and traveling.

Nick has been in the industry since 1995 at Dos Gavachos Y Un Chilango Tattoos in Acapulco, Mexico. He has traveled to more than thirty countries where he has visited studios, done guest spots, and taken part in body modification rituals & ceremonies.

Nick completed his Masters degree at the Ohio State University in Somatic and Cultural Studies in 2002. His final project, “Somatic Piercing: The Art and Ritual of Body Piercing” portrays his experiences in body rituals as well as illuminates other piercers’ views on the matter.

From her page:

Dakota-staff-photo-2015-e1445010765434-246x300.jpgDakota has been cutting, coloring, styling, and essentially being madly in love with doing hair for the past 9 years. She followed her heart to the Aveda Institute Columbus after experiencing a few years of college and has never looked back. She has proudly spent her entire career at Rendezvous…. She especially loves to utilize her skills to help you achieve looks that are gender-bending, unexpected, or simply outside the norm: QUEER! But most of all, she thrives on making each and every person that sits in her chair feel like a rockstar, whether their hair is a neon rainbow or a natural brunette.

” I do hair to make people feel good. I do it not to perpetuate the ridiculous belief that we are not good enough, but rather to aid people in self expression, individuality, and self confidence.
With each person that sits in my chair, I hope to not only make them feel GREAT, but to remind them that self love is most important; and anything they do to alter their aesthetic should be solely for their own expression, and not as a result of societal pressure and standards.”

Instructor Note: Here are just a few of the things that keep Nick creatively connected to the Columbus community (and beyond):









Image of Nick Wolak source: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/02/5b/e5/025be55fb4953b522783b18e3dae24e2.jpg

Image of Dakota source: http://www.rendezvoushair.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Dakota-staff-photo-2015-e1445010765434-246×300.jpg

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