Here’s to the Dreamers

IMG_20191022_1518211I am troubled by the roadblocks being placed in the way of so many young people – for reasons that I find ridiculous.  The Dreamers – the issues facing them – is just one example of marginalization that serves no purpose whatsoever, imho.

Setting aside politics (no easy task these days), I am currently enjoying all things Black Violin.  I had the pleasure of seeing them live recently. Nice, that. Their song, Dreamers, reminds me of the goals and dreams of all young people (and some old people too… many of us still dream, eh?).


We all have our path. Whether Americans by birth or choice, young or old…  we all have places we want to go and people we wish to meet (and be!). Some paths are direct without detour. Other folks find themselves making u-turns all along the way. No worries.

The best trips I’ve ever been on have been full of unexpected moments that never would have happened if I’d followed the GPS without deviation.  The sweetest memories have been made after getting absolutely lost or searching for a shortcut. Dreamers embrace those unplanned adventures, I suppose, more than others.

1022191515_HDR.jpgI’m grateful to be part of the journey my students take. It’s cool to see them adventuring at the university and beyond. It’s always fun to get a random text or email years after someone graduates with news of what they are doing.  Some of them reach the goals they set for themselves at university while others end up doing some of the wildest, most wonderful UNplanned things! It’s all goodness.

In my STEP OSU photo scavenger hunt, students went off in search of transport (bikes or scooters) and snapped these images. IMG_40681.jpgWe all move through life in different ways. We crawl, walk, bike, scoot. Some dance or skip. Some take the bus with others and some fly. From time-to-time, we simply sit and wait for a bit while folks in sports cars leave us in their dust.

Still, we journey.

Here’s to the Dreamers



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