Ask Anita

Why This Page?

I am creating this repository because questions come my way from time-to-time… about me or my opinions… about my teaching or my life experiences… even about oddly tangential topics. Every time I think nothing can surprise me? Something does.

I won’t suggest for a moment that every question is entitled to a response (I have the right, of course, to keep some things private) but once a question is asked and answered several times? I might as well post it somewhere… as I assume someone else will have the same question.

If I change a response (due to change in facts or because my personal growth causes a previous response to be inaccurate), I’ll make a note of that change.

Questions about my life experiences

Where are you from?

I was born in a suburb of Canton, Ohio. When I was about six, my family moved to a rural spot in Columbiana County (Northeast Ohio) where I lived until I was 16. I moved to Canton with my mother and met the man I would later marry while I was a governess. He was in the Navy and I moved a great deal after that (always stateside) before returning to Ohio in 2005.

Do you have kids?

Yes, I’m a mom. I have one adult daughter (living). I lost one child during pregnancy. I was technically a step-mother to several children during my marriage but never actually met those children.

Where did you go to school?

  • Preschool/Elementary/Secondary school: Heritage Christian in Canton, Ohio
  • Associates: Tidewater Community College, Virginia
  • Bachelors: Kent State University, Ohio
  • Graduate: The Ohio State University, Ohio

Do you do drugs/Have you ever?

  • No, I do not use illegal drugs. I don’t drink alcohol, either.
  • Have I? Yes to both. In another life and many moons ago, both were part of my life.

Questions about my bias, my beliefs, my opinions

Are you a liberal?

Yes. Politically, Socially, and in nearly all ways. I was not raised this way, however, and there are some arenas in which I am surprisingly conservative.

Are you a Christian?

(I have been asked this on so many occasions, I feel it ought to be included though I marvel at the question)

I once identified as a Christian. I come from a “Christian” background and a Christian education. I currently identify as agnostic.

What is an Agnostic?

Google this. There are many types of agnosticism… just like there are many forms of gnosticism. Oh, and if you want to know what it means to be gnostic… you can easily look that up too.


Questions about my teaching

Do you like to teach?

Yes. I like to teach. What’s more… I think it feeds me in a way that no other career path could.

What do you teach?

Please hop over to my CLASSES page  for that info

Where do you find/meet your speakers?

(This is most often asked as it pertains to my Human Sexuality Course)

I culled my polyamory speakers by a “cold” google search and subsequent email discussion. I found Tara McBride (née Allison) through a student in a Lifespan Development course. Those speakers led to introduction to others and then others still. Entering into non-normative communities often requires gatekeepers and I was lucky to develop trusting working relationships with some well-placed gatekeepers.


Questions that I won’t answer (at this time)

While I understand the curiosity around these sorts of things, I don’t/won’t answer these questions at this time.

Some of them would bias my students, in my opinion. Some are just too private

  • Are you straight?
  • Who are you going to vote for in the next election?
  • Do you cheat on your taxes?


  • Any personal questions about my daughter

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