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Thursday, November 13, 2014 (MESSAGES for ALL STUDENTS)


Yes, Carmen is still DOA.

Until we can utilize our online system, this will have to suffice. If you are stressed out about the Carmen crash, just remember… it’s not your fault or responsibility. We – as instructors – are stressed too, but we will certainly not penalize you for the system’s failure. All work will be made up… continue to read and prepare for class, do the work you can, and we’ll figure out the rest – I promise.

Check HERE on this blog for any/all updates. That is your responsibility. Do what you can. That is my expectation of you at this point in time.

Worried about the schedule? Check out yesterday’s post that included the remaining schedules for all of my classes… along with the question prompts for extra credit in case you wish to work on that.

With any luck, Carmen will be up and running before day’s end. This was the message this morning. You can visit OIT at their status page to keep tabs, OR simply click on the NOTIFY tab that appears on that page in blue (see below) so they can include you on the “all’s well” email when they are finished.

carmen message 11 13 2014What follows is information for specific courses:

MON/WED 2367

Read as scheduled and I will see you on Monday.

TUE/THU 2367

Read as scheduled. We’ll have lecture and discussion today and you will have some time to work in groups as well.

TUE/THU 5440

In today’s class, we will be visited by the PolyColumbus Panel

They’ll talk about their organization and their individual experiences, which include blogging.

We will also be joined by a reporter from 614 Magazine who has been following the PolyColumbus folks around this past week as they hosted their annual event and monthly meeting.

We will alter our expectations for the final papers/projects as we’ve lost nearly a week of Carmen and the discussion/collaboration opportunities it provides. I will give this serious thought this weekend and we’ll pick this up on Tuesday. I’ll give thought to your abilities with other work you’ll be making up, and come up with something that allows you to enjoy the experience (and learn from it) without driving you into madness. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now… well, except for this…



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Cheerios and Politics

buddha quote_believe nothing_critical thought_hdfs_5440In my opinion, this is one of the sweetest commercials ever.

Yes… it is a commercial and my students know how much I despise most commercials.

We talk  about families in 2367 and issues surrounding LGBTQ&A struggles and realities in 5440, so this commercial struck a chord with me. I make no bones about my liberal beliefs in my class (and outside of it) and this is in no way designed to convince or persuade. You decide, but I recommend viewing this… regardless of your own viewpoint.

To me? This glimpse into the beginnings of this family offers proof positive that love knows no color, no gender, no orientation, and no bounds… and that basic human dignity is owed all of us and having place is a right that we all hold.

This commercial (along with several others) is the brainchild of Cheerios and their “Cheerios Effect” campaign. It is being released on air in Canada and online elsewhere.

  • For information on transracial adoption, visit the US Dept of Health and Human Services Page on this topic.
  • Interested in Census stats on same-sex couples with children? See this article,

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Career Services in February

career services feb 2013

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No Class today (2400 and 5440)

I regret that I must cancel class today. I will email all students about this matter, but wanted to let you know here as well.

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Welcome to the Spring 2013 Semester

tard the catIt’s hard to believe that the new semester starts on Monday. Wow.

If you are a student who is enrolled in one of my Spring13 classes? Hello! I’ll be seeing you very soon.

If you are wait-listed for one of my classes, I recommend that you come on day one. That way, you won’t miss any information and you will demonstrate your real desire to be IN the class. Available chairs limit our class sizes, but I do try to help students get in when possible.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions… just to get us all on the same track:

  • What should I call the teacher?  Most students call me Anita. If the idea of calling me “Anita” wigs you out, you can call me something else… within reason, of course.
  • Do students need a book? Yes, you do (except HDFS 5440 students who find all their readings on Carmen… lucky stiffs).
  • But, which books do I need? Get thee to the bookstore… they’ll tell you… or go online to find the list.
  • What is Anita’s attendance policy? Glad you asked… I expect you to come to class. I expect you to come to every class. If you don’t come to class, you don’t get attendance points. Crazy, eh?
  • But… but… nobody actually attends every class! Well, actually, some people do attend every single class, but if you can’t… do some extra credit.
  • I heard that you have weird guest speakers in your Human Sexuality Class. Is that true? If by weird, you mean phenomenal, unusual, and/or candid, then yes… I invite these sorts of folks to speak to my class. You’ll survive the experience and you may even grow from it, but I guarantee you will develop an appreciation for the diversity of human experience as a result of their visits.
  • What do we do for day one of class? Come to class. If you have any paperwork for me (add forms, ODS forms, etc) please bring them with you. You do not need to read anything for our first class or our second class.  You will need to complete an online anonymous survey in Carmen though, and I’ll tell you all about it in our first class meeting.

That covers the basics. I look forward to meeting you all and hope you are enjoying a fun (and safe?) weekend.


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FYI: Notice new page on the blog

Just wanted to point out that I’ve begun to gather all extra credit opportunities in one place for easy one-stop-shopping! Notice the link at top of blog page here… or click here.

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