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FYI – University deadlines

I’ve had a few students ask about this, So here’s what the University says about graduating students’ grades and posting. All of my students’ grades will be posted by that deadline and you will have a chance to see them PRIOR to that. You will receive an email when they are all in Carmen for your viewing.

  • Aug. 9
  • Grade Posting Deadline for all graduating student grades is 5:00pm today.

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Reminder of Poly Visit today

Poly Columbus art found on PolyColumbus’ yahoo site

Just a reminder that the PolyColumbus representatives will be in my HDFS 5440 class today (an extra credit opportunity for those in my HDFS 2367 as well). While this semester’s group is considerably smaller than before, the two representatives are very active in the local community and will give insight into an often misunderstood way of living and loving. For more info, visit this recent post. At this time, no need to contact me if you are not in my 5440 class – there is ample space… just come!

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Class Cancellation Today – HDFS 5440

Class (HDFS 5440)  will not be held today – I will email this message to all students from Carmen, post it to Carmen news, and place the information on my blog and twitter feed.

As the trains are still burning and they reportedly contained plastics, etc, I will not place myself or any of you in danger. The fact that our classroom nearly always requires open windows- means it is impossible to guarantee healthy conditions, in my opinion. OSU is open… This is my personal decision as your instructor. Please be careful, and be aware that COTA is running  on a modified schedule and there are numerous road closing near campus. I will follow up with information about how we will make up our material – and remember… we have POLYCOLUMBUS coming on Monday!

If you are unaware of the situation unfolding, please visit the following sites for more information:

OSU IS STILL OPEN (at time of this posting)

COTA (limited service)


Anita Parker
Department of Human Development

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Speakers: PolyColumbus (July 16th @ 11:45 am)

Representatives from PolyColumbus will be visiting my HDFS 5440 classroom (Townshend Hall, Room 255) on July 16th 2012, from 11:45 am to 1:30 pm.

Poly Columbus art courtesy of:

The PolyColumbus group provides polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly individuals with an online forum for an exchange of ideas, friendship, support and community among area polyamorists. Discussions focus on polyamory and poly-related topics. PolyColumbus is not a swingers group, and the group is intended for adults 18 and over. Once a month, the group has a meeting in Columbus for those wishing to meet in real-time and in-person.

If you are not currently enrolled in my HDFS 5440 class and you’d like to attend, please drop me an email (see contact me page) to make sure there is still room!

*If you – or someone you know – is interested in this group, more information is available at their yahoo group page (an age-restricted site)
*For additional information, about purposeful non-monogamy,  I recommend a visit to the Looking Through Us website

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Gender Roles – Just a Game?

In HDFS 2367, we recently discussed what it means to be a man or woman in our culture… the stereotypes that persist and the messages we internalize. We talked about how those gender stereotypes inform our thoughts and actions within our families and in the world outside… impacting our recreation and job choices, our decisions about the families we create, and our assessments of our own worth as we balance work and family lives.

Media images play a large role in these gender scripts. Following class, H.C. (Su-12 student) sent me this graphic of a “Battleship” game box.  Judging from the clothing,  I’d say this particular edition is from the sixties. Take note of who is playing, who isn’t, and what the folks who aren’t playing are doing in the background.

Ah, the “good old days.”

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Columbus Storms & Attendance

“One of these things is not like the Other”

My electrical connection is spotty and my internet connectivity is limited to my phone, which means that I do not have access to all of my email accounts, etc.

Please be patient if you are waiting on something from me. As the Governor of Ohio declared this a “state of emergency” no student will be penalized for missing class on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Wednesday is a holiday (July 4th and the university will be closed)

Be safe – Be smart. Should you not make it to class on Monday or Tuesday, remember that you are still responsible for all coursework. We’ll get caught up on any missed materials – you are not responsible for the acts of one (apparently) perturbed Mother Nature.

If you can, please take a few moments to check in on your neighbors to see if they need help – the smallest gesture, or a simple candle or gallon of water – may make a world of difference in their lives.

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Speaker: Goddessy (June 27th @ 11 am)

Goddessy will be visiting my HDFS 5440 classroom (Townshend Hall, Room 255) on June 27th 2012, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Long active in the arts & women’s community, Goddessy will share her story of empowerment and encourage students to challenge societal norms as well as internalized scripts of hate. She is a wickedly sensual, predominately dominant, polyamorous, queer femme; in an open relationship with her beautiful partner of 20 years and delicious lover of 3 years. Goddessy is a passionate visual, spoken word and performance artist~whether whispering into your ear or screaming across the stage, she delights in awakening the sacred sexual deep inside each of us.

If you are not currently enrolled in my HDFS 5440 class and you’d like to attend, please drop me an email (see contact me page) to make sure there is still room!

Goddessy’s bio (above) was borrowed, in part, from her bio on the 2012 Power Exchange Summit.
Photo is from a Burlesque Performance

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Speaker: Tara McKenzie Allison, Attorney at Law (July 23rd @ 11 am)

Tara McKenzie Allison will be visiting my HDFS 5440 classroom (Townshend Hall, Room 255) on July 23rd 2012, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Tara is local attorney with a new practice (Davis & Allison LLC) and she graciously offers her time to my students each time I teach Human Sexuality. Active in the local LGBT community, Tara is a tireless activist supporting equal rights for all people.

If you are not currently enrolled in my HDFS 5440 class and you’d like to attend, please drop me an email (see contact me page) to make sure there is still room!

More about Tara (from her firm’s website):

Tara M. Allison

In 1987, Tara received her undergraduate degree in Marine Engineering, from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Following graduation, she served as a Commissioned Officer in the US Navy. After being honorably discharged, Tara worked as a nuclear engineer for over a decade. She is a licensed Professional Engineer.

In 1999, she partially completed a MBA degree, at the College of William and Mary, before relocating to Columbus.

In 2005, Tara graduated from Capital University Law School, cum laude, passed the Ohio Bar Exam, and was admitted to the Ohio Bar. Following graduation from law school, she has served as General Counsel / Contracts Manager for a mid-sized, construction-industry company, in Lexington, KY. In 2008, she relocated back to Columbus, in order to start her own law practice. She is a member of the Columbus Bar Association and is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. She practices primarily in the areas of domestic/family law, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender law, contract law, construction law, and civil litigation.

Tara is an active public speaker on LGBT-related issues; she has spoken numerous times at The Ohio State University, The Ohio State University Law School, Capital University Law School, Dennison University, Ohio Northern University, Transylvania University, Columbus Alternative High School, the King Avenue United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio, and the LGBT Subcommittee of the Columbus Bar Association. She has been a presenter at the TransOhio Annual Transgender and Ally Symposium (2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011). She has also spoken on LGBT issues at the 2010 Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference, the 2011 Equality Ohio CAUSE Conference at Columbus State Community College, before the Columbus Community Relations Commission, and the Columbus Police Academy.

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Speaker: Sir Poshia from The Chamber (July 9th @ 11:00 am)

Sir Poshia will be visiting my HDFS 5440 classroom (Townshend Hall, Room 255) on July 9th from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Sir Poshia has been active in the Kink Lifestyle for more than 22 years and has worked in local adult shops (such as The Chamber and The Garden).  Sir Poshia will discuss frequentl purchased sex toys while shedding some light on who frequents adult toy stores and why. If you ask nicely, Sir Poshia might just share some interesting anecdotes from the shops and answer personal questions as well… stranger things have happened. If you are not currently enrolled in my HDFS 5440 class and you’d like to attend, please drop me an email (see contact me page) to make sure there is still room!

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Theater: Too Darn Hot…Erotique Variete Burlesque

Extra Credit Opportunity for HDFS 5440 Students

Click here for more information on showtimes and cost

Location: The Garden Theater (1187 N. High St., Columbus, 43291 )

July 21-22, 2012

From the website: Beat the heat at Short North Stage’s Too Darn Hot series in the historic Garden Theater this summer. Return to the era of classic burlesque with Erotique Variete Burlesque, an evening honoring the history of this racy art form hosted by Viva Valezz! Burlesque Productions and featuring ladies from across the Midwest. This show honors the historic legacy of The Garden Theater which was launched as a Vaudeville house and then hosted Burlesque on and off from the 1930’s.

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