SPRING 2020 (Due to Covid-19 Issues) Clarification for students as messages are flying about 🙂

Professional Development Co-Curricular (PDC) questions?

STEP students were required to attend and reflect on PDCs with the last date of PDC offerings being before spring break and the reflections being due within 2 weeks of whichever PDCs you attended.  Because of this deadline, I have always encouraged my students to do ALL PDCs in Autumn semesters, because Spring deadlines come fast and furious for many of us. I cannot create PDCs for students and that deadline was set before COVID was even an issue or closed University programs.

Questions about STEP Dashboard Update- Project Abstract & Consultant Information:

If you missed this and wondered about signatures? Check you March 2nd emails… STEP sent out complete info on the signature issue to all students on that date.


The initial financial wellness materials were all available to you in Autumn 2019 and windows opened for students. As for the in-person meetings that may have been canceled due to COVID? All STEP students without completed in-person financial wellness materials received an email message from STEP (on March 18, 2020)  about how to complete that online by the April 15th deadline. A copy of that email message from STEP can be found here:

What is due April 15th?

Proposal & Budget Submission (Student)

Proposal & Budget Submissions CLOSE at 11:59 pm on April 15th, 2020.

On the student’s STEP Dashboard:

  • Step #7- Signature Project Information: Students must designate their project area and dates. This must be done to open up the drop link for their proposal in step #8.
  • Step #8- Submit Your Proposal: Students will upload a copy of their FINAL STEP Signature Project Proposal. (More Information on page 16 of the STEP Student Handbook)
    If a student submits the wrong version of their proposal to the STEP Dashboard, please have them email to clear their dashboard for re-submission.
  • Step #9- Project Abstract and Consultant Information: ALL students will copy and paste their abstracts from their proposals into this section. If a student’s project requires a Signature Project Consultant, they will enter the consultant’s name and contact information in this section. (More information on page 18 of the STEP Student Handbook) This section does not need to be completed by April 15th, but STEP Fellowships will not be disbursed to the student until this section is completed.
  • Step #10- Submit Your Budget: Students will input their budget into the form fields in this section on the dashboard. It is important that students complete the budget in their proposals as well as at Step #10 on the dashboard. Both budgets should match. (More information on page 17 of the STEP Student Handbook)


You shouldn’t spend your money too soon! Be sure to review all materials you have received! See info below as provided:


The Signature Project Proposal and Budget deadline has been extended to 11:59PM on April 15, 2020.

Please know that STEP is here to support students and we want to ensure that they can be successful in their endeavors.  Considering the challenges they are up against, we know that proposals this year may be less than perfect, and that is ok.

Summer 2020 Signature Project Start Dates Postponed: In the current COVID-19 pandemic environment, the university is fiscally prioritizing essential spending such as university front-line responders, medical needs, and teaching. Therefore, STEP is postponing the start of ALL STEP Signature Projects until July 6, 2020. This date could be pushed back as the university monitors the health of our citizens. At this time, students should not spend any dollars in anticipation of receiving reimbursement of their STEP Fellowship.

Cancelled Projects: Many students have received communication from Ohio State and outside programs that their Summer 2020 project has been cancelled.  Please know that STEP does not expect students to rewrite a proposal at this point in the semester.  Encourage your students to continue working on their current proposal and to change the project dates to Summer 2021.  STEP Administration will begin working with students after April 15th, should they wish to change their project.

Complete Current Proposal:  Students should work with you to complete the proposal they have already started. STEP will work with students after April 15, 2020 to edit their proposal as needs dictate. Given that students complete all requirements for the STEP Fellowship, STEP will work with them individually to modify their proposals in accordance with our university guidelines.

Project Timeline: Current students have from July 6, 2020 until August 15, 2021 to complete a project. The proposal change deadline for current STEP students is February 28, 2021. (NOTE FROM ANITA: if you submitted a proposal with original dates that are no longer feasible due to changes with covid, you will be submitting updated materials. 

Below this line, you will find the “normal” material for my STEP page.


Over the 2018 Summer Semester, I committed to joining wonderful colleagues as a mentor in OSU’s Second-Year Transformational Experience Program also known as STEP.

Now, I look forward to starting each Autumn Semester with a diverse group of second-year students.

This page provides a place to share special things we do, goals we set, and or/projects we complete.

Autumn 2019-Spring 2020

We had an opportunity to meet on August 19th, 2019 in the same building in which we’ll meet weekly. Our first weekly meeting is August 27th! We meet on Tuesdays from 3-4:00pm in room 114 in Park-Stradley Hall 

MoTEEvational Shirts and Hats (for studying or just hanging out)

October 8th




Autumn 2018-Spring 2019

From riding the COTA to Clintonville for shopping at Lucky’s, to making t-shirts and painting along with Bob Ross (via video, of course), we shared our triumphs (and tribulations) and began networking within our cohort and beyond.

In no particular order… some of our Semester fun:

MoTEEvational Shirts (for studying or just hanging out)

Photos below and a short video here



Bob Ross Painting Night

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”