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Vagina Monologues

If  you’ve ever wanted to see them (or to see them again… since they are so different each time), check out the local Vagina Monologues this Friday or Sunday! You’ll probably recognize some faces (Tara for one!). Sadly, not mine. Nope… I can’t make it 😦

There is a cost (ten dollars at the door) or you can pre-purchase tickets online to be sure you get a spot. As I type this, there are still some TABLES available too in case you want to take a group and get comfortable!



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I have a favorite student!

Parents always say they have “no favorite” child. Teachers aren’t supposed to have “favorite students” but I do.

Yes, I have a FAVORite student.

This student sits patiently, is attentive, remains quiet and still unless called upon, and has a great energy about him.

The thing that sets him apart, though? His soft fur.

Yes, I said FUR.

I’m a sucker for a puppy.

He’s part of Freedom Paws Assistance Dogs and being trained by Lindsay Mcllwain*. She’s in one of my 2367 classes and since none of us are allergic to dogs (or phobic) he gets to come to class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

This is a first 🙂

He’s a wee bit bigger now, but still all legs and wags!

Without further ado… cue the cuteness:





*Ms. Mcllwain gave permission for the use of these photos as well as her name.


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