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Au16 Book Drive Challenge: Mid-Week Check-in (Week 3)

On a somber note, this past week was a frightening one for the students we are working with. While the young man who lost his life was not one of the students in the group we’re partnering with – his passing was sudden and too sad to imagine. Our thoughts are with his family, the students who were touched by the tragedy, and the school community at large. Eleven years is not enough.

What a difference a week can make. Over the last week, the Green Team has risen to the challenge and we saw over 30 books + items come in!

Oh, and we now have another team on the board. While it is not part of the competition, it’s a way to keep track of donations that are coming from OTHERS (who’ve heard what we are doing and wish to help).

Keep it up! I had to extend the bookshelf in our graphic! I’d LOVE to add more length to it – what a wonderful problem to have.


Simon & Garfunkel “I am a Rock”


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Book Drive Challenge!


Competition is fun, eh?

We (Buckeyes) have a long-standing feud with the folks up north… y’know.. Mmmm(cough)ichigan! Ah, but it isn’t all football – we also use that competitive urge when we have blood drive challenges with the Red Cross to see which university can bleed the most – and save lives while they do it.

Competition CAN be fun and it CAN be productive.

So… drumroll please… This semester, my activity of choice is a book drive. In our text (The Second Shift by Hochschild and Machung) we learn that not all families are created equal. In class, we view a video (Nigel Marsh’s tedtalk about balancing family and work),  in which the speaker relates how he read to his son from Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach.  We discuss how some families have no books on hand.

This semester (AU16), students in my two 2367 classes will have an opportunity to help children in their community WHILE scratching that itch to compete.

I’ve worked with a staff member from a local middle school to gather a list of these students’ favorite books, authors, and topics. My students will collect books and other supplies that these students (in “inclusive” programs) can use in their classroom. Those students will be encouraged to fall in love with some of those books and be permitted to take them home – to keep – as their own.

I’ll pop in from time-to-time to post updates as we will not be taking one load of donations (as we did with our clothing drive in Sp16), but delivering books and items as we collect them… in order to get them into the hands of those who need them as quickly as possible!

Let the games begin…

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Community Involvement – Clothing Drive 2016

When possible, I encourage my students to step out of their LITERAL comfort zone – to venture into the community around OSU – to see life through someone else’s lens.

I do this through many of my extra credit opportunities. I also do this – from time to time – with agencies. A few years ago, my 2367 students collected food for the Mid Ohio Foodbank and my “Helping Skills” class was visited by a representative of that foodbank to explain what they do and how we can help. Often, my 5440 students meet activists in the human sexuality realm and learn – firsthand – the challenges they face.

In Spring of 2016, I had two classes of 2367 students and they combined efforts to gather clothing (especially coats and OSU gear) for some students attending Beechcroft High School.


That effort far surpassed expectations and we created a board in Campbell Hall to commemorate the experience.


The whole effort came about organically. I spoke about students – in our own community – who walk to school without coats in the dead of winter. I talked about young people who have no college plans because that seed has not been planted.

My students were ready to help. Wow. What an amazing response it was. Over the course of two weeks, students brought in coats and hoodies along with t-shirts and fun items as well. They were encouraged to donate OSU items to foster college aspirations. The clothing drive was not attached to points or homework. They didn’t get extra credit for donating, but we collected more than 100 items in quick order.


With the assistance of Skye Zuza (at Beechcroft High School), several high school students in the special education program made posters about the drive to share with my students. Ms. Zuza was also instrumental in receiving and distributing the new and gently-used OSU gear to Beechcroft students.

  • A special thanks to the students in both of my 2367 classes in the Sp16 Semester – for their generosity and interest in others.
  • A special shout-out goes to Deston Howard (of my Monday/Wednesday class) who created the informative maps seen in the bulletin board image above. He took on that mapping project as an individual extra credit project and knocked it out of the park by providing all of us with a visual comparison of the demographics of the communities being served by a few of the wealthiest and poorest schools in our area.
  • I am grateful to the staff at Beechcroft – They were essential in getting items to the students who had need and took the opportunity to talk to students about college aspirations.


Photo taken by – and used with permission of – Raquel Bahmer (student)

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Welcome to Spring 2016

Hard to believe, but it’s nearly here: Spring Semester.

I wanted to take a moment to say hello and welcome you to classes. I will see you next week!

Carmen may not open up for you until class begins, so here are the basics to get you started while you wait:

HDFS 2367 (applies to both the Mon/Wed AND Tue/Thu classes)

  • There is one required textbook. You can purchase it at the bookstore, or online. Here it is on Amazon, for instance. You will notice that it is one of the least expensive textbooks you’ll buy (you are welcome). YOU NEED THE BOOK. You can find it used as well (check HalfPrice books or craigslist) or visit the public library. It is a mainstream book. I don’t care if you share the book with someone or borrow it, buy it or rent it, but have it. Period.
  • There is no midterm.
  • The final is a project and presentation rather than exam.
  • There are quizzes online and you may use materials while taking them.
  • Group work is common in my courses.
  • Attendance is one-fourth of the grade in this class. Because so much of our foundational work is done in class (including group work) it is very difficult to be successful in this class if you are absent often.
  • Extra credit is available.

HDFS 5440

  • There is no textbook to purchase. All readings are provided to students electronically or via link or paper.
  • There is no midterm.
  • The final is a project and presentation rather than exam.
  • There are quizzes online and you may use materials while taking them.
  • Group work is common in my courses.
  • The subject matter is very mature and we speak candidly.
  • We welcome speakers into class on a variety of non-normative sexual and relationship topics.
  • Attendance is nearly HALF of the credit in this course. That’s not a typo. You must have good attendance in order to succeed and if you aren’t a come-to-class sort of person? This is NOT your class. Trust me.
  • Extra credit is available.

I will see all of you next week and am looking forward to a fun (albeit chilly) semester.

And now… a bit of levity for you:

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Anita cancels today’s class… wow

If you are in my Mon/Wed 2367 Class, please see your email or Carmen “News” for more info. I’m putting this out there ‘everywhere’ so you stay in bed if you can.

sick teacher

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Cheerios and Politics

buddha quote_believe nothing_critical thought_hdfs_5440In my opinion, this is one of the sweetest commercials ever.

Yes… it is a commercial and my students know how much I despise most commercials.

We talk  about families in 2367 and issues surrounding LGBTQ&A struggles and realities in 5440, so this commercial struck a chord with me. I make no bones about my liberal beliefs in my class (and outside of it) and this is in no way designed to convince or persuade. You decide, but I recommend viewing this… regardless of your own viewpoint.

To me? This glimpse into the beginnings of this family offers proof positive that love knows no color, no gender, no orientation, and no bounds… and that basic human dignity is owed all of us and having place is a right that we all hold.

This commercial (along with several others) is the brainchild of Cheerios and their “Cheerios Effect” campaign. It is being released on air in Canada and online elsewhere.

  • For information on transracial adoption, visit the US Dept of Health and Human Services Page on this topic.
  • Interested in Census stats on same-sex couples with children? See this article,

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Summertime may be in our rearview mirror, but today felt far too summery to be inside.  My HDFS 2367 class trekked outside to the bank above Mirror Lake . While we read (and talked) about Arlie Hochschild‘s book – The Second Shift – we enjoyed some vitamin D courtesy of Mother Nature.

AU14-HDFS2367 (Tue/Thu) Class

AU14-HDFS2367 (Tue/Thu) Class [Panoramic photo by Anita]

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Welcome to Autumn 2014

I’m Anita and I’ll be at the front of three classrooms this semester at OSU.

  • HDFS 2367-10773 (010-LEC) which meets in Campbell Hall 209 on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • HDFS 2367-10774 (020-LEC) which meets in Campbell Hall 167 on Mondays & Wednesdays
  • HDFS 5440-11554 (40-LEC) which meets in Campbell Hall 143 on Tuesdays & Thursdays

If you are interested in the basic content of those classes, hop on over to the CLASSES page and check it out.

*Waitlist note: Students on waitlists are encouraged to attend the first day of class and to approach me after. For starters? It shows me that you are genuinely interested. Beyond that? You don’t miss the orientation session. We do a lot of organizational and housekeeping tasks on that first day. It’s important.

I am considered an “easy” instructor by some and that sometimes amuses me – sometimes annoys me – but my best advice to you is this:

Image by Marrianne Williams (13Pumpkins)

Image by Marrianne Williams (13Pumpkins)

Come to class!

In my 2367 courses, that’s 25% of your grade.

In 5440? It’s 50% of your grade. Yes, fifty percent.

These classes are designed to engage students and you cannot be engaged with me, the material, and your student colleagues if you are not present in class. 

You owe it to yourself and to your colleagues to be present. I have ample extra credit opportunities to make up attendance points, but if you are a student that shows up for exams/presentations and nothing else? I suggest you find another instructor. You won’t do well in my class.

The rest? It won’t kill you, I promise. I enjoy what I do and most students suffer very little under my tutelage … some even (gasp) like coming to class.

I look forward to meeting all of you this first week.

We’ll spend the semester trying our very best to be right here… right now…


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