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Nick Wolack: Evolved Body Art

Nick Wolack, the owner of Evolved Body Art, poses in the old shop location above Too’s on North High Street. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo Editor

I am often fortunate enough to have the time available for a visit from Nick and staff members from his businesses. Unfortunately, this semester did not provide us a chance to schedule something. I wanted to toot his horn, though, as he was featured in The Lantern.

Evolved Body Art continues to be the only tattoo business that I “vouch for” because of their adherence to quality standards and their partnerships in a variety of ethical events and organizations. I am proud to call Nick a friend and consider him a colleague in the world of education.

Lantern Q&A with Nick Wolack

Care to learn more about some of the businesses and events at which Nick hangs his creative hat? See links below!



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We all can’t stay here forever

no one is perfect pencils have erasersI’m on campus for a meeting today.

Meetings aren’t generally my favorite thing but this one? Relatively painless 🙂

It’s a nice change from grading -to be simply talking with a colleague  – and so here I am. Most of the work from Spring 2016 is behind us, and a new Carmen is on its way. Summer (and summer classes) are on the horizon. Change is hard but it is good.

Did you catch that?

Change. Is. Good.

Speaking of change… OSU is very very quiet today. This is what happens when students are either GONE for good, or have headed off for summer plans… or are curled up in a ball nursing their wounds after grade-posting. Here’s hoping it’s one of the first two for all of my students. What a great semester – and what fantastic students. Yes… fantastic for the most part. I said it.

We hear a lot about  millennials and it’s often negative. I’ve got news for the world: My students aren’t better OR worse than the generation that came before them. Some of them have their head on straight and are focused on their work. Some of them could not care less about school work. Some are just trying to figure out who they are in the world. That’s okay. It’s what young adults are doing today. It’s the same thing their parents and grandparents did before them.

I want to thank my students for an awesome semester. Some of you gave me a headache but nearly all of you made me smile or laugh at least once. If you screwed up this semester? Time for a change. Don’t let that define you. If you screw up in the future? Same advice. We are all capable of monumental failures and epic achievements. I’ve made my fair share of both. I suspect I’ll do the same in the future 😉

I always ask students to keep in touch if they’ve graduated. Let me know where you land… where life takes you. If you start a business or a family (or both), I’d love to hear about it. If you are at OSU still (or for a visit), let’s meet up for coffee.



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Cheerios and Politics

buddha quote_believe nothing_critical thought_hdfs_5440In my opinion, this is one of the sweetest commercials ever.

Yes… it is a commercial and my students know how much I despise most commercials.

We talk  about families in 2367 and issues surrounding LGBTQ&A struggles and realities in 5440, so this commercial struck a chord with me. I make no bones about my liberal beliefs in my class (and outside of it) and this is in no way designed to convince or persuade. You decide, but I recommend viewing this… regardless of your own viewpoint.

To me? This glimpse into the beginnings of this family offers proof positive that love knows no color, no gender, no orientation, and no bounds… and that basic human dignity is owed all of us and having place is a right that we all hold.

This commercial (along with several others) is the brainchild of Cheerios and their “Cheerios Effect” campaign. It is being released on air in Canada and online elsewhere.

  • For information on transracial adoption, visit the US Dept of Health and Human Services Page on this topic.
  • Interested in Census stats on same-sex couples with children? See this article,

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Welcome to Autumn 2014

I’m Anita and I’ll be at the front of three classrooms this semester at OSU.

  • HDFS 2367-10773 (010-LEC) which meets in Campbell Hall 209 on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • HDFS 2367-10774 (020-LEC) which meets in Campbell Hall 167 on Mondays & Wednesdays
  • HDFS 5440-11554 (40-LEC) which meets in Campbell Hall 143 on Tuesdays & Thursdays

If you are interested in the basic content of those classes, hop on over to the CLASSES page and check it out.

*Waitlist note: Students on waitlists are encouraged to attend the first day of class and to approach me after. For starters? It shows me that you are genuinely interested. Beyond that? You don’t miss the orientation session. We do a lot of organizational and housekeeping tasks on that first day. It’s important.

I am considered an “easy” instructor by some and that sometimes amuses me – sometimes annoys me – but my best advice to you is this:

Image by Marrianne Williams (13Pumpkins)

Image by Marrianne Williams (13Pumpkins)

Come to class!

In my 2367 courses, that’s 25% of your grade.

In 5440? It’s 50% of your grade. Yes, fifty percent.

These classes are designed to engage students and you cannot be engaged with me, the material, and your student colleagues if you are not present in class. 

You owe it to yourself and to your colleagues to be present. I have ample extra credit opportunities to make up attendance points, but if you are a student that shows up for exams/presentations and nothing else? I suggest you find another instructor. You won’t do well in my class.

The rest? It won’t kill you, I promise. I enjoy what I do and most students suffer very little under my tutelage … some even (gasp) like coming to class.

I look forward to meeting all of you this first week.

We’ll spend the semester trying our very best to be right here… right now…


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