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Welcome to Spring 2016

Hard to believe, but it’s nearly here: Spring Semester.

I wanted to take a moment to say hello and welcome you to classes. I will see you next week!

Carmen may not open up for you until class begins, so here are the basics to get you started while you wait:

HDFS 2367 (applies to both the Mon/Wed AND Tue/Thu classes)

  • There is one required textbook. You can purchase it at the bookstore, or online. Here it is on Amazon, for instance. You will notice that it is one of the least expensive textbooks you’ll buy (you are welcome). YOU NEED THE BOOK. You can find it used as well (check HalfPrice books or craigslist) or visit the public library. It is a mainstream book. I don’t care if you share the book with someone or borrow it, buy it or rent it, but have it. Period.
  • There is no midterm.
  • The final is a project and presentation rather than exam.
  • There are quizzes online and you may use materials while taking them.
  • Group work is common in my courses.
  • Attendance is one-fourth of the grade in this class. Because so much of our foundational work is done in class (including group work) it is very difficult to be successful in this class if you are absent often.
  • Extra credit is available.

HDFS 5440

  • There is no textbook to purchase. All readings are provided to students electronically or via link or paper.
  • There is no midterm.
  • The final is a project and presentation rather than exam.
  • There are quizzes online and you may use materials while taking them.
  • Group work is common in my courses.
  • The subject matter is very mature and we speak candidly.
  • We welcome speakers into class on a variety of non-normative sexual and relationship topics.
  • Attendance is nearly HALF of the credit in this course. That’s not a typo. You must have good attendance in order to succeed and if you aren’t a come-to-class sort of person? This is NOT your class. Trust me.
  • Extra credit is available.

I will see all of you next week and am looking forward to a fun (albeit chilly) semester.

And now… a bit of levity for you:


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Speakers: PolyColumbus Panel (April 21, 2015 at 11:10 am)

polycolumbus logo 2015

Representatives from PolyColumbus will visit my HDFS 5440 classroom on The Ohio State University Main Campus (Townshend Hall, Room 247) on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 from 11:10 am  to 12:30 pm. PolyColumbus is a growing non-profit organization that provides a safe place for those who are purposefully non-monogamous to learn, share, and build community.

After a brief introduction by the panel, there will be an informative Question&Answer period for students.

If you are in another instructor’s 5440 or you’ve taken it with me previously… YES, you may come. But it’s standing room only… you may need to grab a square of carpet. If you wish to bring a friend? Same thing applies. Make certain to tell them that chairs aren’t part of the bargain.

This IS an extra credit opportunity for students in my 2367 class.

THEIR MISSION (From their website):

PolyColumbus empowers individuals that either self-identify as polyamorous, open, or ethically non-monogamous, or are exploring such possibilities. We build community to provide a safe and inclusive place to not only be ourselves, but also meet like-minded individuals from all backgrounds.

We advocate for the equal treatment of the ethically non-monogamous under law, and for broader societal acceptance of the same. We serve organizations with similar goals by documenting best practices and creating other resources for successfully running such an organization.

Finally, we educate each other, allied organizations, and the broader community on what it means to be ethically non-monogamous.


*If you – or someone you know – is interested in this group, more information is available on their website (links above throughout) or here if you would prefer to copy and paste:

*For additional information, about purposeful non-monogamy,  I recommend a visit to Looking Through.Us
looking through

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WELCOME: Spring 2015

Many People Thinking of QuestionsWelcome to the Spring Semester. I’m Anita Parker. Please feel free to call me Anita. I wanted to take just a moment to say hello to all new students and to answer the most frequently-asked questions that my students have sent me so far:

Do we need a book?

  • For 2367? Yes. The Second Shift. You’ll love it for its ease of reading and its low cost. Trust me… probably the least expensive text you will buy.
  • For 5440? No. I will provide all readings to you.

Do we have midterms or finals?

  • There are no midterm or final examinations in 5440 or 2367.
  • There are final projects/presentations in BOTH

Do we have quizzes?

  • Yes. All my courses include quizzes across the semester.
  • The quizzes are on Carmen and open-book/article.

I heard that you can drop us if we don’t show up to class on Monday or Tuesday this semester. Is that true? Will you do it?

  • Yes. You heard correctly.
  • No. I will not drop you.
  • Ah, but here’s the kicker: All of my classes have a mandatory attendance policy, and I take attendance. If you aren’t there, you will lose the points. It is The Ohio State University… not The Ohio State Football Factory… consequently? If the game is THAT important to you? Be prepared to lose the points and consider doing the extra credit to make up for it.

I’m on a waitlist – Can you get me in your class?

  • The university will not permit me to override if it puts the class over the fire codes. Period. They historically permitted this, but tightened up on regulations last year. I can’t do a thing about that.
  • Having said that, sometimes students drop. The best way to get a spot is to COME first class… so you have all the info in case someone drops. It shows that you are serious about the class. IF someone drops, I’ll do my best to get you in.

starting over quote

The best way to succeed in my classes is to ATTEND my classes. We do a great deal of thinking and group work in class and those discussion-based activities are not something that you can “make up” at home. Please come to class! I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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Are you an OSU student in need of Resume or Application Assistance?


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