It’s Autumn!

I can’t believe the summer is gone – well, I still have veggies growing so it’s summer at my house until the last squash is picked 🙂

The corn is finished, though. Is that not sad? 39735847_2226432824097489_7027686198525034496_n

I’m looking forward to a wild busy productive… yes… PRODUCTIVE fall semester.

I’ll be teaching one section of HDFS 5440, one section of HDFS 3440, and two sections of HDFS 2367. Information about the courses I teach is available via page link above or by clicking here. I’ll be adding a page soon to share information about current/upcoming research for those who are interested.

I’ll be a faculty mentor in OSU STEP as well. It will be a very productive semester, indeed.

For those who are curious, I answer some of students’ most frequently asked personal questions on a page devoted to that silliness. Some are not so silly, I suppose.

I have silly dogs, though.

java the pibbleuppity puppity noodle

Let’s get going then, shall we?

See you in class.


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