Big Constellations… Little Constellations

040010 constellations 96 covered rachel awes

As an extrovert, I have found the past 8 (or is it nine?) days challenging.  With symptoms developing, my daughter and I chose to self-isolate and await doc’s orders. They called us in for testing and now we wait … some more.

We are okay. So far, so good. Fluids, Rest. There’s been so much sleep! I cannot recall ever sleeping so much but it is the nature of things, I suppose.

My current physical constellation is 2 humans + 2 dogs.  A dear friend of mine is isolated with just her 2 dogs. Some folks are utterly alone in the corporeal sense of the word. Others? They are in a home bursting at the seams with family (bio and chosen).

Wherever you are, you are finding your constellation bigger… or smaller… definitely different than it once was. That’s not good. That’s not bad. That just IS. Our new “normal” is going to take some adjusting… patience… love… forgiveness. It becomes much easier to step on people’s toes when their toes are always there! 

My constellation included all of you in brick-and-mortar classrooms.

I am going to miss seeing your faces very much.

I wish I could hear your chatter as I enter the room and overhear as you talk about the exciting things you’ve done or are about to do.  I would like to see new stickers on your laptops and continue to share jokes before and after class. This is going to be odd, for certain.

The choices I am making for my transition to online courses will not replicate that experience, so I’m counting on all of you to trust that I will do my best to see you event though I cannot lay eyes on you at moment.

You are important.

Please be kind and patient with those in your constellation… especially yourself. 


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