Speakers: “Power Exchange” with Kevin&katie and Ms. Brenda&arcane (December 8, 2015)

On December 8, 2015, my HDFS 5440 class will be joined by a panel comprised of individuals living consensual power exchange relationships.

The class is held on The Ohio State University Main Campus (Schoenbaum Hall, Room 200) from 11:10 am to 12:30 pm.

If you are in another instructor’s 5440 or you’ve taken it with me previously? YES, you may come. It may be standing room only, however, so be prepared to grab a piece of carpet and plant yourself there! If you are bringing friends as guests, they must understand this AND be at least 18 years of age and aware of the topic. Guests should not ask questions of the speakers until all enrolled students have an opportunity to do so.

The couples will speak about their relationships (both use the “Master” and “slave” titles and capitalization conventions in their bios below will reflect that).

During their visit, students will learn about a variety of ways in which people live power exchange relationships and have an opportunity to answer questions and receive candid responses.

If some power exchange terminology is unfamiliar, please visit the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) for the Glossary of BDSM they provide.

NOTE: This presentation was about consensual relationships and should not be confused with domestic violence or sexual abuse. If you need -or someone you know needs- help due to a non-consensual relationship, please contact local authorities or a reputable organization such as the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) at  1-(800) 656.HOPE

If you wish to contact these speakers  please contact Anita Parker. I would be happy to forward your information to them.

 Kevin and katie

bio pic mudhero
Photo taken at MudHero (http://www.mudhero.com)

Kevin and katie are married, and have enjoyed a M/s relationship, for 13 years. They have maintained a loving 24/7 TPE relationship while surviving raising teenagers, full time employment, a total-loss house fire, correcting huge debt, home renovations, and Canadian winters. They are the recent winners of the 2016 Great Lakes Power Exchange title, where they competed to be representatives and educators regarding Power Exchange relationships in a 9 state region.

Kevin is a retired psychologist, so he has clinical experience watching what makes relationships succeed or fail. Through moderating Power Exchange discussion groups, Kevin and katie have both heard the real struggles faced by real couples. Their mission is to help people create, maintain and optimize their relationships. They hope to encourage individuals and relationships to grow through proper focus on goals and priorities.


Ms. Brenda and arcane


Ms. Brenda and arcane are a 24/7 power exchange couple.

She was born and raised in Florida, where she was a professional wrestler, and worked in retail management.  She moved to Ohio in 1996, with her late husband, where they helped start a local munch and educational group.

arcane is a retired massage therapist.  He relocated from Texas to Ohio, in 1997 to marry his late Mistress. She encouraged him to make floggers as a career, which keeps him busy vending and presenting at events all across the country.

They all met through the munch group and both couples became good friends.  After losing their spouses, Ms. Brenda and arcane began dating and were married, complete with collaring ceremony in Feb 2013.

They earned the Leather title of  Great Lakes Master/ slave and have recently created an organization that seeks to meet the needs of those in “the community” who are facing hardships (GOAL).


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