Carmen Down – System Issues

As of this morning, the ENTIRE D2L (Carmen) system was STILL down for students, staff, and faculty.

Please read the Carmen front page or follow the link to the OSU IT’s update page for more complete information.

How does this affect us in the SHORT TERM?

Well, we’re screwed in terms of using any Carmen features. We have no control over that.

I will – as I mentioned at the beginning of the semester – use THIS blog to convey critical info if I have any.

Classes meet as scheduled. Luckily, tomorrow is a holiday and all of us are off… giving a bit of breather while they work to fix the issues.

What are the LONG TERM ramifications?

We don’t know what data loss – if any – has been experienced. We’ll know more when the system is operational.

So, we wait and we continue to do our work as best we can. That’s all we can do. Oh, and we TRY to be patient with the folks who are working – likely ’round the clock at this point – to fix the issues. They are stressed enough without us piling more upon them.





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