Schedules and Student Info (Since Carmen is unavailable)

Students… Carmen is still down. Please see previous post about this which includes a link to the OIT page where you can check on progress.

Since many of you – like your instructor – embrace the paperless way, many of you are without the schedule.

I am attaching those schedules below so you can keep track of readings/schedule/work.

I am also attaching a few documents that may be of assistance (such as the Extra Credit Prompt Sheets)

Understand that work – generally turned in on Carmen – will need to be held by students until the system is up and running.

*This intellectual property is being shared with my students alone and is not for dissemination outside of our course.

MON/WED 2367 Schedule

schedule au14 mon wed 2367 updated 10_22_2014

TUE/THU 2367 Schedule

tue thu 2367 au 14 schedule

TUE/THU 5440 Schedule

au 5440 remaining schedule

EXTRA CREDIT PROMPTS (This applies to all students – all classes)

Assignment_Music Integration Guidelines all classes Assignment_reflection guidelines all

Assignment_reflection guidelines all

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